BIF Series

With Hydrotech’s BIF Series, rid your water of three problem characteristics with a single unit. This one-of-a-kind filter system uses a dedicated air tank to offer superior iron removal capacity. Perfect for customers in the market for an efficient, low maintenance chemical-free system.

Eliminate iron, manganese, and sulphur . Keep fixtures from getting stained. Remove bad taste and smell. Enjoy brighter laundry while protecting your plumbing and water using appliances.

The BIF Series is an iron filter and so much more:

  • Eliminates Iron to 30 parts per million
  • Eliminates Manganese to 1 part per million
  • Eliminates Sulphur up to 3 parts per million


  • System Certification: IAPMO Certified to NSF/ANSI 42-2017

  • Fibreglass Pressure Tank and Control Valve Certifications: NSF/ANSI 44 certified for materials and structural integrity

BIF Series
BIF Series
BIF Series
BIF Series
89 Series Valve
89 Series Valve

BIF Series Features

  • Exclusive NSF Certified Hydrotech 89 Series electronic control valve
  • User friendly LCD display with 48 hour memory back-up
  • Natural oxidation removes iron, sulfur and manganese without chemicals, air pumps, or a venturi
  • Low maintenance two tank system
  • Regenerate less frequently than traditional iron filters using up to 50% less water than manganese greensand filters
  • Lifetime Warranty on NSF Certified fibreglass tank
  • Seven Year Warranty on NSF Certified control valve
  • Meter Immediate, Meter Delayed, Meter with Day Override, Vacation, and Calendar Clock mode
  • Adjustable cycle times
  • Unique bypass with an integrated space saving turbine meter and sample port on the inlet. One-piece design avoids meter jamming
BIF Series Specifications


The BIF Series dual media tank water filters can remove iron, manganese, and sulphur from your well water.

Note: There are three different types of BIF Series filters: BIF, BIFMN, and BIFCC. It is critical to know the water characteristics before determining which unit will best deal with your water issues.

Each of the three BIF Series configurations has different capabilities and operating parameters:


Maximum TDS: 2000 ppm

Maximum Sulphates: 500 ppm

Maximum Hardness: 75 gpg

Maximum Tannins: 0.0 ppm


Maximum Iron: 30 ppm combined (ferrous + ferric)

Maximum Manganese: 0.0 ppm

Maximum Hydrogen Sulphide: 1.0 ppm

pH: 7.0 – 8.5


Maximum Iron: 30 ppm combined (ferrous + ferric)

Maximum Manganese: 1.0 ppm

Maximum Hydrogen Sulphide: 5.0 ppm

pH: 6.5 – 7.5

BIFCC (Catalytic Carbon):

Maximum Iron: 0.0 ppm combined (ferrous + ferric)

Maximum Manganese: 0.0 ppm

Maximum Hydrogen Sulphide: 5.0 ppm

pH: 7.0 – 8.5

The BIF Series systems work by adding oxygen to the incoming water by passing it through a bubble of compressed air. The water is then passed through a special filter bed to remove the contaminant(s).

The special media not only increases the pH of the water to enhance iron removal, but also acts as a physical barrier to trap iron precipitate.

No chemicals are used in the entire process making it clean, environmentally-friendly, and low maintenance. No mess!

Yes! The best way to know which BIF Series water filtration you need is to perform a test to know the characteristics of your water. We test it onsite as things like pH and iron parameters can change when exposed to oxygen. Our tests will provide better numbers for those factors than a lab test.

Contact us today to get your water tested!

Yes. Like a water softener, the media bed has a certain capacity for removing contaminants. Once that threshold is reached, the media bed needs to be cleaned out of these contaminants so it can go through the cycle again.

Unlike a water softener, the BIF Series will also replenish its supply of oxygen during the regeneration process. Because of the nature of the contaminants being removed, a regeneration will usually occur every three to four days depending upon water usage and the level of contaminants.

Hydrotech, the manufacturer of the BIF Series, has four different valve configurations. As a company, Pristine Water Solutions has elected to exclusively use its top-rated valve—the 89 Series valve.

The 89 Series is Hydrotech’s highest efficiency control valve. Its 80-character touch pad LCD display is simple to use. It has 1″ valve porting and high capacity. It is extremely efficient with its water usage during regeneration (and for salt usage for softeners).

It carries an NSF/ANSI 44 CSA B483.1 certification and a 7-year warranty.

Use & Care of the BIF Series