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FREE Water Consultation—What to expect:

  • Fill out the information below and we’ll call within 24 hours to schedule your free water consultation visit*.
  • One of our owners will arrive at your home to test your water, drawing it from a bathtub spigot and directly from the well (if applicable). We’ll test for hardness and other variables, which will vary depending upon your water source and concerns. Should you have existing water treatment equipment, this will determine if it is working as expected.
  • We will inspect your water appliances (dishwasher, toilet tanks, washing machine, existing water treatment equipment, etc.)  for evidence of water-related issues.
  • We cannot test for heavy metals, like lead and arsenic. We cannot test for bacteria or other pathogens. Testing for these concerns must be done through an accredited laboratory. However, once diagnosed, we have solutions that can deal with these issues.
  • Your free water consultation will take 30 – 60 minutes.
  • Within 24 hours, you will receive a Water Quality Report indicating areas of potential contamination and concern. It will be accompanied with a recommendation for a customised water treatment solution that will address all recognised concerns should any exist.

Sample Water Quality Report

  • * NOTE: Due to the rise in fuel prices, we are limiting FREE Water Consultations to a 100 km radius around the City of Winnipeg.