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Why Treat Water In Your Home?

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Common Water Problems

We can diagnose your specific water problems and help provide you with the best solution.

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Myth vs. Fact

Check out a few facts to dispel any rumours or myths you may have heard.

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Guaranteed Better Water

Water Test

  • Test Your Water
  • Send you a Water Quality Report
  • Recommend a solution if required

Quality Solution

  • Equipment backed by Hague’s 60 years of experience and a 25-year warranty
  • Best-in-class water treatment equipment
  • Patented features with the most efficient, comprehensive equipment on the market


  • Proven results with a subsequent water test, see the difference!
  • Service provided by a dedicated ownership group that wants the best for you and your family
  • You. Your family. Your skin. Your hair. Your drinking water. You’ll experience the difference.

watermax softener

Water Softeners

Hard water has finally met its match. Led by Hague’s flagship product WaterMax, our cutting-edge water softener designs work for you – making sure your entire house enjoys the benefits of soft, clean water.

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drinking water systems

Drinking Water Systems

Solutions for drinking clean, healthy water. Improve the taste. Remove undesirables like chlorine and fluoride. Includes reverse osmosis systems, ultraviolet filtration, remineralization, and zero-waste systems.

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Specialty filters

Specialty Filters

To solve your water issues like iron, manganese, sulphur, and tannins you can count on a Hydrotech or Hague specialty filter to not just meet your needs, but to exceed them.

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commercial systems

Commercial Systems

Our commercial water treatment systems are suited for a wide range of applications, including: laundromats, car washes, restaurants, office and apartment buildings, grow-ops, and livestock operations.

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Smart Innovation

The WaterMax® is energy-efficient, water-saving, and corrosion-resistant for fresh, soft water, every time.

Explore WaterMax
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Built-In Bypass

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Smart Touch Controller

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Audible Salt Alerts

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Built-In Pre-Filter

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Fast, Quiet Regeneration

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Power-Loss Protection

What Customers Are Saying

We’ve been out at the lake now for a few days straight and definitely can see a difference! No more dry hands and soap actually soaps up!! Thanks.

Pam; Gimli, MB

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased we are with our new water system that was installed recently.

I have been drinking bottled water for the past eight years and would not even consider drinking water from a faucet. Now that we have the quality of Hague, I am happy to say that buying bottled water is a thing of the past for our family.

We have also noticed a big difference in the texture of our skin after showering and it requires less lotion, if any at all.

And last but not least, my 11-year-old son suffers with very dry skin (never diagnosed with any medical condition). His skin seems to have more moisture and he is able to use less products.

Thank you to our Hague Dealer for coming into our home and changing the quality of our water. Our new system is a great investment for our family.

With Sincere Thanks, Jennifer B.

We know we made a healthy choice for our family. Bye-Bye toxins! The water quality is amazing: delicious to drink and so gentle on everyone’s skin. It really does make cleaning easier, less scrubbing! It really does improve dry skin. It really does improve scalp and hair. The pure and clean products are awesome!

There is only one warning I can think of: you will become a water snob. Even bottled water won’t taste as good.

I cringed while visiting family and using hard water! We are pretty spoiled now and loving it!

Thank you, The Follmers

Pristine didn’t just provide an amazing filtered water system and water softener with reverse osmosis for our new country home – they also provided top customer service, and a very informative owner and staff. This company is family run which created a personable atmosphere while they were in our home. Bill came with his son-in-law to thoroughly test our water first and was strongly knowledgeable on water and products. We learned a lot from them. I would highly recommend Pristine for all city or rural water needs. Thanks to Bill and his great team, our water is awesome!

Kim McOuat, St. Malo, MB

Amazing. We went from I swear the hardest water to amazing water. We could tell the difference in less than a week. If you want the best water, this is the business to contact.

Shauna, WY

Had a great experience with Bill and the entire team at Pristine Water Solutions. We had off the chart Iron levels and with our new water treatment system the rust is gone, our clothes wash so much better not to mention our hair and skin. We highly recommend Pristine Water Solutions for your water needs as they go above and beyond in all aspects of their company.

B & B Adams Lockport, MB

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Within 24 hours we will send you a recommended solution and estimate

Step 5

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