Drinking Water Solutions

Can you install drinking water solutions to give you pristine water for life?


Pour yourself a glass of water from your kitchen tap. it may look crystal clear. It may have no odour or no offensive taste. But can you be certain that glass doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients?


Why is that?

Whether your water source is from your municipality or from a private well, clear water doesn’t necessarily mean your water is as clean and safe as you’d like it to be.

Municipal Drinking Water Solutions

Municipal water is heavily regulated and monitored to ensure its potability — that is, it is safe to drink. It is typically drawn from a body of water, like a river or a lake. Or it’s removed from groundwater by well drilled deep into the Earth.

Once it reaches the municipality’s treatment plant, it undergoes various processes to remove impurities, bacteria, and pathogens. Most treatment plants use chlorine and chlorine by-products as part of the process. Other elements like fluoride may be added to the water in the journey to your house.

While the water will most always be totally safe when it leaves the treatment plant, that safety can be compromised in its journey to your kitchen tap. It needs to travel through the municipality’s water delivery infrastructure. Given the age and condition of the pipes in many cities and towns, the potential for picking up undesirable materials exists. Once it enters your home, again, the age and condition of your home’s plumbing can impact the quality of your water.

Not only that, the chlorine that is used to treat the water at the municipal plant will still be in your home’s water supply. As can many undesirable chemicals that can bypass the treatment plant systems, like traces of pharmaceutical medication, PFAs, lead, and arsenic.

Private Well Drinking Water Solutions

If your home is serviced by your own private well, you will encounter a host of different issues. In addition to hard water experienced by most in Manitoba, you may deal with:

  • iron
  • manganese
  • nitrates
  • sulphates
  • heavy metals
  • bacteria

Virtually every home on a private well in Manitoba has very hard water. Hard water will affect your appliances, your skin, and your hair — but it is NOT a health risk. Nor is iron. But the others on the list have the potential to have health consequences. If present, they need to be addressed.

Water Test

The only way to know if you have an issue with your water is to have it tested. Pristine Water will come to your home and perform a free water test. While our test can be revealing, water dealers like us can’t test for many variables. Tests for bacteria, heavy metals, and chemicals like fluoride should be done in a certified laboratory. Every well water owner should have its water tested once a year.

Once the water tests results are in, the proper drinking water solutions can be recommended to deal with each issue that is of concern.