Drinking Water

Pour a glass of drinking water from your kitchen tap. It may look crystal clear. It may have no odour or no offensive taste. But can you be certain that glass doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients? No. Why is that? Whether your water source is
Water quality in rural Manitoba

Water Quality Living in Rural Manitoba

In this article, learn about water quality living in rural Manitoba. Moving to the country means dealing with hardness, iron, manganese, and other water characteristics not encountered in the city. As mentioned in our last article, 5 Things to Know About Swapping Winnipeg for Country
CWQA Member

Pristine Water Solutions: New CWQA Member

This article appears in the November 2021 Canadian Water Quality Association newsletter, introducing Pristine Water Solutions as one of the newest members of the CWQA. One of the newest members of the Canadian Water Quality Association family is a true family operation. Pristine Water Solutions

Pristine Water Solutions Team

Better Water for Rural Manitoba

Article appeared in the 23 September 2021 issue of The Selkirk Record. Written by Ligia Braidotti Pristine Water Solutions gives customers crystal clear water A new local business can turn rural residents’ water into one of the purest in the region. Pristine Water Solutions is