Our Team

Bill Marr

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Water. The most basic necessity of life. Often taken for granted. Even more often misunderstood. With a lifelong passion for health, Bill co-founded Pristine Water Solutions. To educate the community about water. To offer solutions to give anyone access to pristine water.

Bill has an extensive business career—president of a large wholesale distributor, running a boat manufacturing plant, managing large property management companies, and overseeing investments in projects in the entertainment industry. He writes articles for his health blog: The Anti-Aging Guy. Pristine Water Solutions is the perfect marriage for two of his passions: business and health & lifestyle education.

His other passions include football (soccer, that is), classical music, philosophy, reading, working outdoors, and personal development. He is a GST athlete, an espresso aficionado, and a long-suffering Romanista.

David Lamoureux

Co-Founder & Director

David oversees many of the day-to-day operations of Pristine Water. He can usually be sighted in the field and is often claimed to resemble a “mad scientist”. While reclusive and quiet by nature, he often explores his surroundings during the day and can be identified by his proclivity to testing and analysing water, playing with new technology, overseeing installations of water treatment solutions, or further advancing his knowledge in the field.

David is co-owner and co-founder of Pristine Water Solutions. His decision to be in the water treatment industry stems from a desire to educate people about their water. He believes water is a basic resource that is often taken for granted, overlooked, or ignored. He also believes that clean, quality water is a scarce commodity that everyone should have access to. If he had one wish, it would be that the whole world has access to clean, safe, secure drinking water supplies.

David’s background spans various positions ranging from research assistant to homebuilder and handyman. He enjoys spending time outdoors, either alone, or with good people. His passions in life are exploring nature, following soccer history and culture, writing unfunny bio recaps, and playing guitar. He also enjoys playing with his dog as well as any other dogs he can find.

Sebastian Marr

Co-Founder & Director

Sebastian is co-owner and co-founder of Pristine Water Solutions. He is involved in the sales, installations, and maintenance of all Hague Water products.

Sebastian is a carpenter by trade but has been searching for a business career into which he can pour his passion. He is excited to play an important role in the Company—a chance to help improve lives with one of life’s basic essentials—water.

His passions are playing guitar, watching films, and making music.

Mason Kellett

Co-Founder & Director

Mason is co-owner and co-founder of Pristine Water Solutions. He is involved in the sales, marketing, and service of all Hague Water products.

Mason has spent the past five years in the sewer and water industry. When his family started talking about the water treatment business, he jumped at the chance. His lengthy search to be a part of an exciting business of helping people has ended!

There is nothing Mason loves more than hanging out with friends and family, enjoying a terrific meal, and playing video games.