Custom Add Ons

Watermax Media Guide

Supercharge your WaterMax. Engineered by science, add-on filtration for the WaterMax is fully-customizable and works to target selected contaminants, so you get soft, cleaner water, every time. Every WaterMax is built with Fine Mesh Resin and Bacteriastat. Here’s why:

Fine Mesh Resin
Fine Mesh Resin
Small, yet mighty, our fine mesh resin works best with a packed bed—this means no wasted space in your softener. Fine mesh resin has an average bead size that is 23% smaller than standard mesh resin. With smaller beads, the ion exchange process happens more quickly. The result is less salt, less water wasted, and less time needed to regenerate compared to standard mesh resin at the same capacity.
KDF 55 Bacteriostat and Chlorostat
Listed with the USEPA as a Bacteriastat device and located in the bottom of your WaterMax, it protects your media from bacteria growth. Bacteriastat is an agent that keeps your water softener from developing unsavory smells and odors.

Custom Media Solutions

Because sometimes your water problems aren’t just limited to hard water—customize your WaterMax using add-on filters for your softener, and get the soft, cleaner water you deserve. In addition to the fine mesh resin and bacteriostat, here’s a look at what the WaterMax media can do for you.

KDF 55 Bacteriostat and Chlorostat
Chlorostat (KDF55)
Using a 1:1 combination of high-purity copper-zinc granules and the redox principal, our chlorostat media works to effectively reduce chlorine (chlorostat-KDF55), heavy metals and control micro-organisms from municipal water supplies.
Nitrate Select Resin A520E
Nitrate Select Resin
Most commonly found in well water due to septic tank leakage and fertilizers, our nitrate select resin uses sodium chloride to regenerate the anion resin. The anion resin reduces nitrates from your supply.
Neutralize acidic/low pH water. Using crushed and screened white marble media, our calcite effectively balances your water to cease damage on sinks, hot water tanks, faucets, and more.
Ultrafil M065
Engineered from garnet, this high-density granular filter media targets sediment with ease filtering down to 20 microns.
Greensand M030
This pre-filter is placed in front of your softener to pre-treat your water. Using our manganese-dioxide surface of GreensandPlus, our black filter media acts as a catalyst for removing soluble iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide from water.
Tannin Resin M025
Tannin Resin
A strong-base, anion-exchange resin, is engineered to ensure excellent reduction of organic matter (tannins).
Carbon M049
PC Carbon
Media made from select grades of coconut shells, our PC Carbon reduces taste, odor, and most man-made pollutants from water, including chlorine.
Birm M080
Used for the reduction of dissolved iron and manganese from water supplies. The dissolved oxygen content must equal at least 15% of the iron content with a pH of 6.8 or more.
Sulfurstat KDF 85
Sulfurstat (KDF85)
No more cleaning up stains on sinks and drains. 85% copper and 15% zinc, our high-purity copper-zinc granules effectively reduce ferrous iron, hydrogen sulfide, and heavy metals.