Find Your Solution

Find your solution! Here are charts that show the benefits of our systems. This list makes it easy to compare each model t0 determine what works for your specific needs.

Benefits WaterMax Hydrotech AquaMaster
Limited Warranty 25 Years 7 Years 10 Years
Reduce water spots and scale build up X X X
Spend less on shampoos, cleaners, and detergents X X X
Keep clothes bright and long-lasting X X X
Minimize wear and tear on expensive appliances X X X
Safety shut-off protects your investment X X X
Built-in Self Cleaning Pre-Filter – never change a filter X X
Built-in Bypass – water your lawn salt free X X X
Soften and filter your water simultaneously X X
Save salt and water with built-in monitoring technology X X X
Premium valve & controller X X X
Fully customizable to treat your water needs X X
Reduce Chlorine for better tasting water X X 950 only
Great for small spaces: boats, RV’s, condos or apartments 700 only
Benefits HERO QCRO Economy
Limited Warranty 1 Year 2 Years 1 Year
Ratio of 'Product' Water to 'Waste' Water 1:0.001* 1:3 - 1:5* 1:3 - 1:5*
Near-Zero Wastewater X
Certified to reduce below contaminants X
Certified by IAPMO R&T against NSF/ANSI 58 X plus CSA B483.1
Reduce Chlorine (including taste and odour) X X X
Reduce Lead X X X
Reduce Chromium X X X
Reduce Fluoride X X X
Reduces Nitrates/Nitrites X X X
Reduce Radium X X X
Reduce cadmium, barium & arsenic X X X
Get faster water flow with booster pump X X
Chrome faucet included X X X
Quick change filter cartridges X
Storage tank 14.36L** Plastic Metal Plastic

*Will vary according to factors like source TDS, temperature & pressure

** Larger 41.6L and 71.7L metal tanks available

Limited Warranty 7 Years
Reduce Total Iron X X
Reduce Ferrous Iron only X HIMTLC
Reduce Manganese X X X HIMTLC
Reduce Sulphur X X
Reduce Tannins HIMTLC X
Softens Water x HIMTLC
No Filter Replacement required X X X X
No Chemicals required X X X X
Air Injection X X
Salt Required X X
Advanced Control Panel & Valve X X X X
Efficient Regenerations X X X X
Single Tank X X X
Twin Tank X HIMTLC
Salt required X X