MaxPack: The Ultimate Solution

Supercharge your WaterMax® Softener with the WaterMax Reverse Osmosis System for the ultimate solution: the MaxPack®. With the MaxPack, you can count on soft, filtered water for the whole family, always.

Max Pack

WaterMax Features

  • Feel the difference – fine mesh resin reduces calcium and magnesium build up for the softest water.
  • Comes with full color 3.25″ touchscreen, so you can manage your system yourself.
  • Allows for “do not disturb” mode, plus power loss protection, so your water stays quiet and keeps flowing.
  • Uses low voltage so your bills stay low.

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H3500 Reverse Osmosis Features

  • Taste the difference – reduce lead, flouride, arsenic, chromium, copper, nitrates and more.
  • Permeate pump fills the water tank five times faster than a conventional RO unit.
  • No electricity used – save on utility costs.

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See The Difference

Feel The Difference

Taste The Difference

water saving solution.

Save the Difference

With the Ultimate Solution of a WaterMax® Softener and Reverse Osmosis system, you have the potential to save up to $16,790 in 10 Years!
Figures based upon the average family of 4 with an average water hardness of 10 grains per gallon.

Household Costs Monthly Yearly
Savings Spending Savings Spending Savings
Bottled Water 100% $43.33 $43.33 $520 $520
Soaps 75% $13.55 $10.16 $163 $122
Cleaning Products 75% $65.00 $48.75 $780 $585
Hot Water Usage 20% $54.17 $10.83 $650 $130
Plumbing and Appliances 75% $13.00 $9.75 $156 $117
Clothing and Linens 30% $56.88 $17.06 $683 $205
Totals $245.92 $139.88 $2,951 $1,679

Water Quality Association –
NSF International –
U.S. Department of Labor
U.S. Department of Commerce
National Bureau of Standards
U.S. Geological Survey
* In CAD (USD = 1.3 CAD)