Aqua Flo Filtration

Aqua Flo Filtration Housings & Cartridges

Your Water Quality is a Growing Concern

Aging infrastructure and increasing groundwater contamination is a growing reality and concern. The ingestion and inhalation of water disinfection products, such as chlorine, is also undesirable and unnecessary from both an aesthetic and physical standpoint.

Your Plumbing
Water travels through miles of pipes before reaching your home. Chlorine is commonly used to kill bacteria along the way. Once at your tap, it is desirable to reduce chlorine.

Finding The Right Solution

Improving your water quality is easy and economical. While bottled water remains a popular option for drinking water, it is an expensive, less convenient alternative. It creates waste and is hard on the environment.

Aqua Flo Filtration Products provide you with a wide range of solutions for fresh, clean water. Not only do you get great-tasting water for drinking and cooking, you also get clear, odour-free water for washing and utility use. No more carrying or storing heavy bottles either!

Aqua Flo Filter Cartridges are available to solve a wide variety of water problems:

  • Remove dirt, silt, clay, and other sediments
  • Remove iron to prevent staining
  • Minimize unpleasant odours, including chlorine

Understanding Your Aqua Flo Filtration System

Aqua Flo Filtration Systems consist of a Filter Housing that connects to your plumbing system and disposable Filter Cartridge that performs the work. Depending on your needs, systems can consist of a single or series of Housings installed either under a specific sink (Point-of-Use) or where the water main enters the home (Point-of Entry). Filter Cartridges are easily replaced periodically, typically on an annual or semi-annual basis, depending on your incoming water quality.

Aqua Flo Filtration Systems

Aqua Flo Filtration Housings

Aqua Flo Filtration Housings are made to last, offering high quality performance at economical prices. Housing kits are easy to install and complete with a mounting bracket and hardware plus sump wrench for easy sump removal.

The 4.5″ x 20″ housing (#36112) is made of reinforced polypropylene. It has a pressure relief button to relieve pressure from the housing prior to changing cartridge. The double o-ring ensures added seal insurance protecting from leaks. The inlet/outlet size is 1″.

The High-Flow Whole House Dual Filtration System (#36287) provides economical, high-flow solutions for sediment, taste, and odour removal. The twin 4.5″ x 20″ housings will provide up to 70,000 gallons of great tasting water at flow rates up to 6 gpm. The inlet/outlet pressure gauges indicate when filter replacements are required. For municipal water supplies.

Aqua Flo Filter Housing
Aqua Flo Filter Housing #36112
High Flow Dual Whole House Filtration System #36287
High Flow Dual Whole House Filtration System #36287